Sunday, August 13, 2006

Implementation Files

I keep a file called library technology plan for ideas regarding libraries in the future. It helps me plan for short range and long range plans and issues my library may face. Most of those resources came from the blogs you can see on my sidebar. I have categorized them this way to help me gather the information in the subject areas. Most of the resources I collect were created by these blogs, or they led me to resources. I will give a list of links to all of those projects and post them here, then provide a list of what I am using each for.

Some posts lead to actions, some posts lead to ideas for the future, and some I delete as unimplementable.
Right now there are five files, Catalog, General, PDF reports (big files), Spanish, Staff, Technology, and Youth.

I will post each project separately and provide one week for issues and my thinking on the topic. Some will just really be a single post.

Think of this as the tiny hair on the edge of the long tail. Or the last of the surf caressing the beach after the mighty wave has already crashed.

This week, Catalog files.

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