Thursday, March 22, 2007

Techdirt: Thinking Digitally Still Isn't A Separate Job Function

Great post on Techdirt about MTV removing their Chief Digital Officer. I thought it was funny since it seems MTV would be on top of web 2.0. I feel like they started the whole resurgence in reality shows and thus, helped spark the whole "me" digital environment that we see today. ("me" as in Time Magazine's Person of the Year: You.

Instead of digital ideas and media being handled by one person, it should permeate the entire organization. Many organizations, especially libraries, have this problem.


Thinking Digitally Still Isn't A Separate Job Function (3/20/2007)

"Last year, in discussing the troubles that MTV has had in adapting to the internet generation, we noted that the company had hired someone to be their Chief Digital Officer, a position that lasted less than a year. As we mentioned at the time, this tells you a lot about why the network was struggling. "Digital" doesn't require a separate executive, or a separate department. These days, it needs to permeate across all job functions if a content company is going to figure out how to really embrace what digital content allows. That's why it's disappointing to see yet another network go down the same path, as TV network Bravo has now appointed a "Digital VP." Thinking digitally isn't a separate job function. It needs to be a part of the strategic thinking across all aspects of the brand. Otherwise, it ends up as a disconnected silo fighting for attention from the rest of the brand -- which isn't exactly the best way to put in place a true digital strategy."


How many libraries have "tech" people that are supposed to handle all of their stuff? It needs to permeate their organizations through all job functions with the understanding that is the future of their job functions.

At least I don't feel so bad that its not happening here if MTV doesn't get it :)

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