Sunday, November 18, 2007

Good Morning Arizona

I plan to have a separate post about this. This is me on Good Morning Arizona on November 16th at 8:30am with Brad Perry. Good Morning Arizona is Arizona's statewide morning news show. That's me talking about the bookmobile with Brad Perry, one of the hosts of the show. The bookmobile is a Ford E-350 15 passenger van we converted into a bookmobile. We installed bookshelving from Acore shelving and installed satelite dish from a company called Ground Control. They installed the dish onsite. The dish can be activated with the van running, on just the van's engine, or it can be plugged into a power outlet to run. It provides a wireless internet access signal within 200 feet of the location. If you would like to see more pictures and video of the bookmobile in action, go here:


Terry Dawson said...

Looking good -- nice to get such a positive and informative piece. Our library has never had a bookmobile, but the satellite dish and wi-fi are cool, and you got in some good stuff on your mayor. Good work!

Rob Banks said...

Way to go! Love this kind of stuff. Great opportunity for exposure and to include the mayor!