Saturday, July 15, 2006

Advancement Opportunities for Spanish Speakers

Interesting article from the Douglas Dispatch, (AZ). It is important to note that in order to graduate from a university in Mexico a student must be 80% proficient in English. It is great to see an intergration between two countries so that both can help each other.

This is also important since most immigrants don't have the educational background to learn another language and mat not even be literate in their own language. It is impossible to deter this population to come here because of the extreme poverty in their own country and the extreme opportunity to better their situation by coming to the United States. It is to our economic advantage that this population become educated for two reasons. One reason is that most industries in the Southwest need factory level employees. If there is a community with a population that is illiterate, or does not understand the native language, businesses will cease to come to that community and thus damage their economic vitality. Second this population can be taken advantage of in their situation. They are poor and can end up becoming a drain on the economy because they cannot pull themselves out of poverty. In any community in the United States, a more affluent population benefits everyone. (As in I Heart Huckabees, we are all connected under the blanket ;))

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