Monday, April 09, 2007

Seth's Blog: Stinky Durian

Great post about marketing and listening to consumers on Seth's Blog:


Stinky Durian

The feedback you get from non-consumers is rarely useful, because the objection they give is the reason they don't buy from you, not the thing that will cause them to affirmatively choose you.


With libraries offering all kinds of books, programs, and services, it is always the email that asks for something different. Why don't have you have storytime at night so working parent could come, or have book discussions.....or...?

Every time we listened and tried something that was suggested, invariably, no one would show up. I remember running a book discussion at night after it was suggested (again via email) that we should have one. I ran it for six months and not a soul every showed up. I say via email because it is a distant request by someone who never comes to the library, but went to the website to find information. They emailed rather than call or come in and ask. I am not saying emails are bad, but it sends a distant message that if someone is not willing to take the time to come in, maybe he or she never will.

This is also why many focus groups don't work. They suggest things that they would like to see, but then never show up at the library. Its not the reason they don't use the library, but something else is keeping them from doing that.

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