Monday, May 07, 2007

How to sell library 2.0 concepts to management

How to sell library 2.0 concepts to management
Best posts are here:
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(read the coverage in wired magazine:
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Here is my quick and dirty take:
Three rules: what does it cost, how much time, is it sustainable?

Blog: Easy way to communicate to staff abd public. Go where users are, organize out press releases by date or subject. Other ways to communicate new library events, newsletters, new stuff. Automatically creates rss feed, multiple ways to create and organize content. No code knowledge, no constant changing webpage, post and go.

Flickr: photos used in board reports to demonstrate impact, upload to flickr. Show and share with people what we are doing. A way to directly communicate with our users, go where they go, find members and join their groups. It helps talk about the town. Also great marketing.

Myspace: more controversial, but with so many users, this is a way to communicate with our users. Patrons may not read signs, but they will read a bulletin sent through myspace. Creates a web prescence where users are, instead of only entici them to come to us, we can go to them.

Youtube/Twitter: a way for people to keep track of library stuff via their cell phone, the increased mode of choice for communication.

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