Saturday, June 02, 2007

Grants Grants Everywhere, but not a body to hire

I am getting to a point where I am not sure what more we can do for our library until we get our branch and expand our facility. There is a definitely need for so many things, but at some point, you have to bring more people in.

There is only so much change, automation, and efficiency one can develop before you get into high octane mode. I don't have any other tricks up my sleeve, no more aces in the hole. I have developed a strategic plan, reallocated staff, resources, and won several grants. I was awarded over $70,000 in grants last year and I could get almost twice that this year, but I need bodies not projects. It comes to a point where I desperately need more people and there is no way I can get them. My last two grant proposals included grant workers. I am hoping that they are awarded.

I know granting agencies, and organizations for that matter, do not like creating grant jobs because once the grant runs out, the person is jobless. That is very backward thinking. We need to have innovative people doing innovative things all of the time. They should be working on grants, and while employed, working on grants to keep their positions going. There is so much talent in the library world, I have so many projects, I even will have a branch and will be expanding the main library, but it seems that the staffing comes much more slowly than I would like. It feels like you have to break down the brick wall with your head to get it across. It is very frustrating.

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