Saturday, June 30, 2007

I am indeed honored

When I first began blogging, I had set some goals for myself to test my relevancy. At the beginning, I said if I can't sustain my blog, I would delete it. I had some close calls, but was able to stick with it. This week was very fulfilling as I accomplished some of my goals.

The most important to me was to show up in Walt Crawford's Cites and Insights (corrected) for July 2007.
It is in the section titled Making it Work - Commentary on personal balance and library service balance, p. 14 and 15 (mentions my post about libraries, good cheap, but not fast)
civ7i8.pdf (application/pdf Object

This was personally important since I remember reading Walt's analysis of blogs before I began blogging. I always wondered if once I started blogging, my blog would show up there. It was very exciting to read that this week, thank you Walt!

The next important was This Week in LibraryBlogLand. Again, I remember reading this blog as a connection to other great blogs. I wondered if my blog would ever show up. A few weeks ago, it did.
(Under Librarian Education for my post on What I learned in Library School)

I also contributed to a technology "cookbook" for rural libraries. This was from my technology handbook I created for my library I mention on this post.

The Joy of Computing

Last, I was included in David Free's Presentation on Twitter at the ALA Unconference. Unfortunately, I have never been able to go to ALA Conference, so to have my library mentioned for my twitter efforts was very exciting. Thank you to David for the mention.

So a big thank you is due to all those who think this blog is relevant. I am indeed honored.


waltc said...

Thanks for the mention. Teeny-tiny correction: It's Cites & Insights. The alternate spelling of the second word happens, but I'm not much for inciting...

Jeff Scott said...

Sorry about that, I made the correction. I hope I am not inciting anything :)

Sarah said...

Congratulations, Jeff! I'm glad you're enjoying your time as a blogger and are receiving kudos while learning from your expanded community. Here's to more years, more growth, and more fun!

Jeff Scott said...

Thanks for the comment. It's very encouraging!