Friday, June 01, 2007

Libraries and Poverty

Congratulations to Terry Dawson and the Appleton Public Library winner of the Gaylord Nelson Anti-Poverty Award.

Libraries across the country are making efforts like these with fantastic results. I remember reading his post about the poverty simulation and what libraries can do to transients. and our Adult Literacy program Libraries are often on the front line dealing with poverty issues. It is fantastic to see that recognition. I applied for the Excellence in Rural Development Award for the state of Arizona. I will keep my fingers crossed.


Terry Dawson said...

Thanks for the boost, Jeff. It was a very satisfying experience helping create dialog about poverty issues -- and nice to receive some recognition for it. As more of our circ goes to entertainment-oriented materials, it's good to reinforce that our community education roles have relevant issues -- like literacy.


Jeff Scott said...

More libraries should talk about their accomplishments, especially in this area. Fantastic! We just really started our literacy program. It is little more than a year old, but we have some great success. It is very rewarding.