Monday, July 23, 2007

Playing Games can help make you an effective leader

In honor of the first annual Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium will be held in Chicago on July 22-24, 2007, going on right now.

How to Be an Effective Leader: "Where to Practice Leadership Skills

Granted, most of you probably don’t lead a work team (yet!).

So, how would you practice leadership skills if you don’t have the opportunities to do so?

Exploit any opportunity where you can train your leadership expertise.

Some examples include:

* Coaching youth basketball.
* Leading an online multiplayer team (e.g. Warcraft!).
* Leading a ________ club.
* Setting up some event.

According to a study by IBM, multi-player games such as Warcraft rock leadership skills:

Gamers learn collaboration, self-organization, risk-taking, openness, influence and how to earn incentives when involved in a [multiplayer online role-playing game]."

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