Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Reading is a lifelong skill and it must be maintained

Article from a Canadian paper outlining the decline of literacy with age. People need to continue to read full length books and be able to comprehend and discuss them to increase one's quality of life.


Halifax, The Daily News: News | Literacy skills decline with age: (from Margaret Eaton, president of the ABC Canada Literacy Foundation) "She notes that people think of literacy as simply the ability to read words, but it's about a broader ability to read a document and understand its complexity, vocabulary and significance.

'In a global economy, Canada needs to be able to compete and its workforce needs to be able to compete at a high level,' Eaton says. 'Literacy can become a trade advantage.'

On an individual level, there's a connection between literacy skills and standard of living, community involvement, health and workplace safety, she says."

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