Saturday, July 28, 2007

Seth's Blog: Bobcasting (and Google Reader)

The right information to the right people is something I would love to accomplish. In Seth's Blog, he comments on how marketers should tailor the message to each individual user.


Seth's Blog: Bobcasting (and Google Reader): "I want to suggest something that takes no new technology but could have a big impact on the way you do business: Bobcasting.

I call it that because instead of reaching the masses, it's just about reaching Bob. Or Tiasha. Or any individual or small group.

The future of online communication is micro-pockets of people getting RSS feeds in their Google Reader or on their Google home page. Amazon updates? Bobcast em to me. Fogbugz summaries for the customer service manager? Bobcast her three times a day."

Right now, my library has dozens of RSS feeds, email subscriptions, and a twitter account. However, it is just a bunch of noise unless I can filter it to the individual user. I know I have lost a few people on my twitter feed because it is much too noisy. Here is a perfect example from Siegel's Droppings, Too Much Twittering :
They provide nice links to the catalog records for the material. But they blast out way too many tweets. Just this morning they updated 17 times. I'm going to remove them as it is making it difficult to follow my librarian friends.

It is just like every reader his or her book, but instead, every reader his or her feed. I am working with feedburner to set up individual feeds that have categories for people, parents, adults, children, the techs. Having those options are great if someone takes the initiative to create their own piece out of the mess, but if I can spoon feed it, then I have Bobcasting.

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